Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 16 - 29, 2012

I'm writing this actually an hour before my departure to Poland.  Wish me luck!  And thank you so much for donating for my trip.  I will remember your face when I'm drinking beer in Poland... na zdrowia! :-)

We saw many trial students this month, and a couple of them joined.  It's always nice to get new students, but where are some of our old timers??  We want you to come back, too!

I have a report: I got a new gi!  It was actually a gift from the ITKF for competing in a tournament in San Diego.  It is a special ITKF official gi, and so far only 22 of them have been produced.  It's basically the same style as KI's Mugen gi, with a different label and a Japanese writing embroidered on the back of neck. This one surprisingly fits me well, but it feels a little bulky.  I hope it will shrink a little more over time.  Speaking of shrinkage, I measure the pants length and sleeve length before/after a wash.  Sleeve did not shrink much: only 1/4", but the pants shrunk a lot: 1.5".  I was surprised that the sleeves didn't shrink.  And thanks to the pants getting shorter after a wash, I didn't have to alter them!

OK, I'll update again when I'm back.  Oh, our tournament is coming up in little over a month; get ready!