Sunday, February 17, 2013

January 27 - February 16, 2013

A few announcements...

1. Next Kyu exam will be on April 28.  Just over 2 more months!  Train hard!!

2. Regional championship will be on April 21 in Redondo Beach.  Myself and maybe Eiko and Jon? will compete, so come cheer for us!

3. Some of our brown belts will be teaching some classes.  No, we won't have them teach regularly just yet, but this will be a training/trial so that they can plan ahead and practice/learn how to teach.  To start off, Jon M. will be teaching this Wednesday the 20th and is promising us a great lesson; don't miss it!

4. It's always nice to have new students.  In case you didn't know, we are giving you $10 as an incentive for introducing a new student (s/he must sign up for more than 1 month); bring us 6 new students and you get yourself a month ($60) FREE!

5. Get your AAKF membership renewed soon!

6. Train hard!!! :-)