Saturday, July 11, 2015

AAKF Nationals (June 23-27), VMAC 4-Year Anniversary (July 18 at 11AM) & Next Kyu Test (August 23 at 5PM)

4 of us (me, Eiko, Jon M and Manny) went and competed at the AAKF Nationals in Washington, DC and we all brought home medals!  Manny even passed his black belt test!  But honestly, the best part of participating in this kind of event is to learn and to get motivated to learn further through exchanges with like-minded friends from around the nation or world.

...But still, it's nice to be able to bring home some souvenirs:

Eiko: 3rd Kumite, 3rd Fukugo
Taichiro: 1st Kata, 2nd Kogo
Jon M: 3rd Team Kumite
Manny: 1st Adult Brown Belt (Kata & Kumite)

Next year it will be hosted in Minneapolis, MN.  I highly recommend any of you to participate in the seminar, tournament or just to hang out and watch!


VMAC Anniversary Party is coming up on Saturday, July 18 at 11AM.  This year we will be watching some little kids showcasing their deadly martial arts skills and going "Awwwww...!!!" before starting to eat and drink.  It will be fun and everyone is invited.


Next Kyu test will be on Sunday, August 23 at 5PM for kids, 6:30 for adults.  It's just around the corner, train hard and get prepared.  If you desire extra help, the instructors are available for private sessions.