Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!  We completed yet another successful year running a dojo.  I just want to thank all the dojo members for training hard and supporting this nice little place.  It has actually grown to be not too "little" - we have about 90 students combining all the programs.  We set the goal to reach 100 students by the end of year and we didn't quite make it, but we have been steadily growing and that we do not have to increase the monthly fees this year, which is a big achievement in my opinion.

We had a few events since the last blog entry:

October 31: Halloween costume training

November 9: Nishiyama Memorial


December 15: Kyu Test

December 18: Manny's first teaching!

December 28: VMAC Annual Oosoji

And the 2014 Winter Training is coming up next week.  It's every morning (6-7AM) from Monday through Friday at Sensei Avi Rokah's TKA dojo in Beverly Hills area, plus Saturday morning at 10:30 we have the closing training at out own VMAC!  Believe me, it's a great training and definitely worth waking up early.  Who is going?  I am!

Also, check out an upcoming Summer Training Camp information here:

Ugh, this blog page is not letting me do the photo layout easily...  FYI, many photos can be viewed on our dojo Facebook page ( or on our dojo website photo album (


And last but not least, I just want to say something about my previous blog entry.  At that time I was still working for ITKF office part time so it was probably not the best to talk about ITKF's internal problem on a public blog.  However, I just want to clarify that 1) I wrote that article based on my subjective observation about the issues happening, 2) It was no way reflecting ITKF's official opinions, and 3) I did not mean to support either side.  Without saying I thought it was clear that that article was my private opinion for my private dojo students, but a person from another country became upset reading it, claiming that I caused significant damage worldwide (though the page was accessed only a handful of times based on the stats and I had to wonder how much "damage" this has actually caused... Oh well.).  In any case, I apologize if I misled anyone with that article.  I am no longer working for ITKF, so I hope it's not going to cause any more troubles...