Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30, 2013

Somehow I managed to write two blog entries in one month!  Big deal...

I and Eiko had a good time at the AAKF National Championship held in St. Louis, MO.  Eiko took 2 bronze medals (Kogo and Kumite) and I took 2 gold medals (Kata and Fukugo).  It was a great venue and well organized tournament.  And a great after-party, of course!  If my dojo people are like my immediate family, those karate people I see at the national or international events are like my relatives and high school friends back home.  I'm blessed to have known so many cool guys & gals who share the same passion.

Our dojo is going to celebrate 2-year anniversary soon!  The party will be on July 21st.  There will be a training, various demonstrations, food, drinks and more (whatever you can imagine)!  We're very excited about this milestone and the growth of our dojo in the last 2 years.  Guess how many members we have now?  Hoping to reach a hundred before the new year!

Karate class attendance has not been very good.  Jiu-jitsu classes are beating us on a regular basis...  Did you know that the next test is less than 2 months away: it's August 21st.  I know a few of you told me that you were going to test, but are you, really??  You know that the regular training never lies...


Saturday, June 1, 2013

- June 1, 2013

Long time no blogging!

It's not that there was nothing to write.  I simply didn't have time or didn't feel like writing, or both.  We had the regional championship and Kyu exam in April.  In May a lot of our students took a break/went easy and the attendance was pretty bad.  Now it's a new month and time to get ready for the next short term goal, be it a Kyu test, a Dan test or a tournament!

On July 21st the dojo will be hosting a 2-year anniversary party!  We will ask a few of you to do some type of demonstrations (most likely Kata).  Be prepared.  Like the last year and the year before, we will probably do a training, followed by some demos, followed by lots of foods and drinks.  Your help/contribution will be highly appreciated.  Can you believe that it's been already 2 years?  Actually, I feel that it has been a lot longer, since I've spent a lot of time at this dojo in the last 2 years.  A lot.  Make it every-single-day...

And in August (the 18th or the 25th, not decided yet) we will have the next Kyu exam.  We recently had a few people joined, so this will be their first test.  Very exciting!

It may not be of your concern, but I and Eiko will be competing at the AAKF Nationals in 3 weeks.  Wish us luck!  Depending on how we place, we may get to go to Argentina for the Pan American championship in November...

In October or November, our region will be hosting a 2-day national seminar somewhere in LA, OC or SD area.  There will be some high-rank instructors gathered from across the country, and it will be a cool event.

OK, I listed all the known future events for the next few months, just in case I take another long break from blogging...! :-)

In case you're new to the dojo or to this blog, I have a list of recommended youtube videos to learn your Kata posted on this blog's past entries.  Search by the tag "Kata".  I'll try to make sure that those links are still active.

See you at the dojo!