Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 VTK Kyu-Level Tournament

11 students competed in our in-house tournament last Saturday and they all did GREAT!  Kudos to everyone who participated including judges.

Competition is always a great learning experience, win or lose.  Sometimes you actually learn more by losing.  It's nice to win of course, but if you win and think you're the best you don't know what you're practicing.  NO ONE is perfect in our style of martial arts.  That's why there is no grand master! :-)


Our next event will be the AAKF Spring Seminar April 17-19!  Early bird registration deadline is March 31.  We printed out some registration forms for you to fill out.  For our students only, we can charge the fee on your credit card or bank account if you wish, just let us know.

This 3-day seminar will probably be scheduled like this:

Friday - Kata (1 basic and 1 advanced)
Saturday - Kumite
Sunday - Conclusion

We haven't received many registrations yet, but I'm hoping to have a big turnout.  We expect all of YOU to be there as well.  Spread the words!

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