Sunday, October 25, 2015

AAKF Western Regional Youth Tournament October 24 (and my general thoughts on competitions/judges)

Tournaments are not all about winning medals and trophies.  It's about testing your ability, allowing yourself to be judged/criticized by other people and learning from the experience.  You may feel sad or embarrassed when you lose, but you're already a winner just by entering a match, overcoming nervousness or shyness!  It's cool to receive shiny medals and trophies as symbols of your hard work, but that shouldn't be the main concern when you compete.

Judges are there to help you get better.  There are skilled judges and less skilled ones and they all may make mistakes, but you are asking for their opinions and agreeing to trust their decisions.  I disagree to a comment that there were some sleepy judges yesterday.  They all worked hard as much as the competitors, and whether you like it or not you have to respect their decisions.  It's easy to blame other people when you lose but that won't help you get better.

In many matches I competed both domestic and international, I lost so many times even though I felt that my overall karate skills were better than other competitors.  But I always humbly accept my loss, that my opponent was better then and there under those rules, and I learn what I need to do to get better by next time.  I actually learn more when I lose, but even when I win I know I'm not perfect and will strive for better.  

And I know how hard it is to judge, and I'm always thankful for their service regardless of the result of my (or my students') matches.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

AAKF Nationals (June 23-27), VMAC 4-Year Anniversary (July 18 at 11AM) & Next Kyu Test (August 23 at 5PM)

4 of us (me, Eiko, Jon M and Manny) went and competed at the AAKF Nationals in Washington, DC and we all brought home medals!  Manny even passed his black belt test!  But honestly, the best part of participating in this kind of event is to learn and to get motivated to learn further through exchanges with like-minded friends from around the nation or world.

...But still, it's nice to be able to bring home some souvenirs:

Eiko: 3rd Kumite, 3rd Fukugo
Taichiro: 1st Kata, 2nd Kogo
Jon M: 3rd Team Kumite
Manny: 1st Adult Brown Belt (Kata & Kumite)

Next year it will be hosted in Minneapolis, MN.  I highly recommend any of you to participate in the seminar, tournament or just to hang out and watch!


VMAC Anniversary Party is coming up on Saturday, July 18 at 11AM.  This year we will be watching some little kids showcasing their deadly martial arts skills and going "Awwwww...!!!" before starting to eat and drink.  It will be fun and everyone is invited.


Next Kyu test will be on Sunday, August 23 at 5PM for kids, 6:30 for adults.  It's just around the corner, train hard and get prepared.  If you desire extra help, the instructors are available for private sessions.

Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 Western Regional Championships Results

May 3, 2015 at Redondo Beach Masonic Lodge

Kyu-level Kata
 1st Emmanuel Yumul (VTK)
 2nd Michael Khachanov (VTK)
 3rd Misaki Montuya (VTK)

Kyu-level Kumite
 1st Emmanuel Yumul (VTK)
 2nd Michael Khachanov (VTK)
 3rd Misaki Montuya (VTK)

 1st Taichiro Kaijima (VTK)
 2nd Jon Menefee (VTK)
 3rd Joerg Kohring (TKA)

 1st Joerg Kohring (TKA)
 2nd Dan Grossman (TKA)
 3rd Jon Menefee (VTK)

Kogo Kumite
 1st Taichiro Kaijima
 2nd Jon Menefee (VTK)
 3rd Dan Grossman (TKA)

 1st Jon Menefee (VTK)
 2nd Joerg Kohring (TKA)
 3rd Dan Grossman (TKA)

A lot going on...

As always, we have been busy at VTK/VMAC!

  • Kids Tournament March 15
  • National Seminar April 17-19
  • Kyu Test April 26
  • Regional Championship May 3

Also welcome new students and return of Leroy.  And we have a brand new black belt, congratulations Nate!

June 23-25 there will be the national mini-camp in Washington DC, followed by the National Championships (for youth, Kyu level and black belts).  For now I, Eiko, Jon Menefee and Manny are going.  Let us know if you want to join us to have fun in DC!

After that, the next Kyu test will be August 23... train hard and be ready!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 VTK Kyu-Level Tournament

11 students competed in our in-house tournament last Saturday and they all did GREAT!  Kudos to everyone who participated including judges.

Competition is always a great learning experience, win or lose.  Sometimes you actually learn more by losing.  It's nice to win of course, but if you win and think you're the best you don't know what you're practicing.  NO ONE is perfect in our style of martial arts.  That's why there is no grand master! :-)


Our next event will be the AAKF Spring Seminar April 17-19!  Early bird registration deadline is March 31.  We printed out some registration forms for you to fill out.  For our students only, we can charge the fee on your credit card or bank account if you wish, just let us know.

This 3-day seminar will probably be scheduled like this:

Friday - Kata (1 basic and 1 advanced)
Saturday - Kumite
Sunday - Conclusion

We haven't received many registrations yet, but I'm hoping to have a big turnout.  We expect all of YOU to be there as well.  Spread the words!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015

My  new year resolution: To write on this blog at least every couple of months.  There, I said it!

It will be a big year for our dojo.  There are a few events lined up:

-Winter training
   January 12-16: Rokah Karate at 6AM
   January 17 (Saturday): VMAC at 10:30AM

-National Seminar
   April 3-5: VMAC

-Western Regional Championship

-National Championship
   June ? at Washington DC

-Legacy Camp
   July? at San Diego

-Pan American Championship
   November? in Brazil

-Dojo Tournament

And couple of our students may test for their black belt.  Very exciting!

Happy New Year, and hope to see many of you more often at the dojo this coming year!